Benefits of a Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are made up of latex products which increase the durability of the mattress. The addition of different chemicals in varying proportions varies the properties of latex. The various types of latex mattress available in the market are mainly Natural Standard Latex, Talalay Latex, and Synthetic Talalay Latex mattresses.

The latex mattress benefits are many. These are not allergenic and remain warm in winter and cool in summer. Due to the anti microbial property of the latex, microbes like bacteria and fungus cannot survive these treated latex mattresses. The ventilation features of the mattresses make it resistant to dust mites and are hence suitable for asthmatic patients. The durability of the mattress also is high compared to other mattresses. It can last up to 30 years. And most of the manufacturing brands offer warranty for 20 years on the mattress.

The firm support helps in relieving the pressure on different pressure points of your body. Latex mattresses can adjust and mold to the shape of your body. It provides proper support to the body and maintains the correct alignment of the spine. This helps in the free flow of capillary blood. These mattresses are hence apt for orthopedic patients and athletes. The quality of the product ensures that you do not have to turn it after any period of use.

The mattresses come in different foam density levels. Higher the density more is the quality of the mattress. These mattresses are a bit expensive, but when comparing the benefits, it is even more worth the price. Your sleep plays an important role in your health and daily moods. So why not invest a little more for a good product and healthier life?

Here are the Talalay latex mattress benefits in point form

– The mattresses adjust their temperature according to the weather. Thus they tend to remain warm during winters also.

– It provides firm support to the body and relieves pains.

– The mattress does not wield pressure on pressure points and hence increases the quality of sleep.

Pressure Points
Common Pressure Points during Sleep

– The capability of molding according to the shape of the body gives proper support to the body and helps in maintaining the correct alignment of the spine.

– Helps in the free flow of capillary blood through the body.

– Anti-microbial property prevents the growth of microbes on it.

– Due to its hypo-allergenic property, it is good for asthmatic and allergic patients.

– Air channels in the mattresses allow air passage and give a softened effect.

– The air ventilation property prevents dust mites from setting on it.

– Air channels distribute the temperature of the body evenly and make sleeping a good experience. Moisture also is distributed evenly.

– Helps in reducing the frequent tossing and turning in sleep. So you wake up fresh and rejuvenated.

– The mattresses come in different foam density levels. Depending on your requirement, you can choose the correct foam density.

– The latex composition increases the durability of the mattresses. These can last up to 30 years without wear and tear.

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  1. I’ve tried just about every mattress available on the market. Nothing comes close to a latex mattress. My husband and I will never go back to a spring or memory foam one again!

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